About Us



Ty’s Scrub Palace LLC was created in 2020, by Latyra Hunter. I have worked in the healthcare field as a Pharmacy Technician for nine years and often struggle to find uniform scrubs that comfortably fit my body type. I’ve found that most retail stores fail to meet the needs of women like myself that are curvy, or not as tall. Most of the scrubs that are readily available come in small sizes or others are just too long and drag on the ground. I decided to become a scrub retailer via online and direct service.


My mission is to provide comfortable uniform attire that is fashionable, functional and accommodates all body types. Regardless of your size, we strive to be inclusive on all levels. Our scrubs will provide you with amazing comfortability, so that when you show up to your job, you will not only look but feel good while providing excellent service to your patients.